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Who We Are

My husband Joe and I created this fun business out of the love I have for treasure hunting of vintage and antique furniture and collectables. We offer beautiful vintage and antique furniture, cool eclectic California decor and room packages. I absolutely love hunting for treasures! A diligent thrift store shopper, garage sale buff and a good flea market fun seeker! I’ve turned my passion into a purpose and love my work!

When I was just a small toddler, I was told that wherever I walked, I was sure to pick up a shiny penny or find a seashell or something odd and curious. All were treasures to me.

One of my fondest memories was my grandmothers jewellery box. I recall often sitting for what seemed like an entire afternoon with “Mom-Mom”. As she would allow me to hold a bracelet or wear a strand of her pearls, each piece would elicit a story of her life. She would get so happy and excited to share where the piece came from or how it made her feel. I adored her happiness as her beauty would shine through those memories of her younger self.

During summer vacations (on 3 separate occasions) my Grandparents traveled with me across country from the New Jersey Shore to the California Coast. We would stop at every historical museum and curiosity shop plotted along our path. Little did I know from the age of 5, that I was actually taking in all of the details of those very special places. The furniture, the history, the log cabins or Victorian homes and all of the pieces that made up life of those times.

As a teenager growing up in the 70’s, my sense of adventure had me traveling all over the California Coast. By the age of 16 I could take you to every thrift shop and antique store from Sonoma to Los Angeles.

After raising 4 beautiful children, being an executive and dedicating much time to humanitarian activities, education reform, drug reform and other life and family improvement endeavors, I now take great pleasure in creating a beautiful environment for others. I’ve taken my knowledge of history, sense of adventure, love for travel and compulsion to shop and turned into a Business. It is truly my reward.

Our Vision

Our services include custom painting and/or restoration to our vintage and antique furniture, as well as interior design services. Pick you colors and away we go! Today, I live happily in a small vintage cabin in the redwood forest of the Santa Cruz mountains with Joe and our house bunny “Timmy”. Our workshop is nestled amongst the redwoods on the top of a mountain, 1,700 miles above sea level. We work just about every day sanding, painting and restoring furniture. Just over the peak sits a beautiful winery and at the horizon you can see the entire coastline of Davenport to Monterey. On a clear day you can see the ocean sparkle. I truly enjoy my work and where my hunting has taken me.

My amazing husband Joe, a man dedicated to my heart and most definitely my soul mate, is an excellent craftsmen. A woodworker and professional painter. You usually can find him hauling furniture, painting or sanding and posting adds from his cell phone. He very much enjoys perfecting each piece to the highest quality and takes great pride when he sees a customer happy.

You can be assured that every item you will find here has been carefully hand chosen. Each furniture piece is professionally hand sanded, primed and painted with high quality paint. All pieces are vintage, antique or hand made.

We are truly grateful to the community for providing such an amazing avenue to share with you what we love. That gratitude extends to those craftsmen and artist who have come before us and who’s treasures, so valuable today, are still creating a bountiful effect on our culture and the way we live.

Life and the world is one big treasure box! You are free to reach in and find a treasure of your own!

Thank you so very much for being part of California Vintage Design. We look forward to doing business with you and want you to be happy with your experience.

Happy hunting!

Jen & Joe

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